Incluir una observación en un proyecto

Hola a todos, tengo una duda de como puedo agregar una observación a un proyecto, ya que cuando lleno la casilla de “añadir a un proyecto” se escribe el nombre del proyecto pero no lo guarda, y queda cómo si no lo hubiera añadido.
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Es el proyecto ‘tradicional’ or ‘collecion’? Puedes compartir la observacion y el proyecto aqui?

La pagina de ayuda dice:

Why can’t I add my observation to this project?

If you’re unable to add an observation to a project, it is likely a “collection” type project, which is essentially just a filtered search on all observations. Observations are never “in” a collection project; they either meet the project’s requirements and are automatically displayed when the project page is loaded, or they don’t. If you navigate to a collection project’s page on our website, you can click on “View Yours” to see which of your observations meet the project’s requirements.You cannot add or delete individual observations from a collection project. However, note that you can always edit the project to tweak its settings. Because a collection project is a just saved observations search, there is no way for you to exclude specific observations from appearing on a collection project’s page. Please see the Managing Projects page for more information.

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In addition to this, some Traditional projects are set that only curators can add observations. WHen you try to do so it doesn’t add the observation, but it may send a note to the project curator, depending on the settings.

The Species in Trade project is an example of this.

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