Inconsistent Activity tab notifications issue on iOS app

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I have been posting lots of observations over the past few days and, as usual, people have commented and identified them. However the comment or ID has not been showing up on the Activity tab, and has shown up as a blurb (but the blurb is marked read even though I’ve never seen it). This is really inconvenient, and I have no idea what’s going on.

Can you please share some screenshots? Without specifics it’s very difficult to diagnose an issue.

I finally got some.

You can see how some show up in the Activity tab, that show up in the other part but they are marked read. And you can see some that show up in the other part that don’t show up in Activity. They are all marked read even though I was not aware of them at all.

It looks like you turned off notifications for confirming IDs, correct? If that’s the case, then IDs that confirm yours (eg here show up as black in the iOS app (aka “read”) and they don’t show up in the Activity feed.

But in cases where the ID doesn’t confirm yours (eg neylon’s ID here), you should see a red number in the Me tab, and it should appear in the Activity tab.

So I think this is expected behavior.

Ohhh. I didn’t remember that I’d turned it of, sorry about that.