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Step 1: Open my dashboard on iNat, see no new notifications

Step 2: Open ‘Edit Observations’, see that several observations posted yesterday have reached Research Grade

Step 3: Go back to dashboard, open ‘Your Content’, see no notifications since yesterday

Step 4: Check one of the Research Grace observations from Step 2, see that the confirming ID was posted 5 hours ago

I am not receiving notifications of identifications. This has been happening at random intervals for the past 5 days.

It has been mirrored on the iNat app on my Android phone - the missing notifications are also missing on my phone.

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In your account settings under Notifications, is “Confirming IDs” on or off?


Thank you! It was off.

I had turned it off so I would not get notifications for other people’s observations, where I had left an ID and someone else had agreed with it. Hadn’t realized it would turn off agreeing IDs for my own observations.


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