Incorrect count of agree / disagree on Idenfications page

I believe I raised this on the old forum, but will re-document it here.

On the page where you review your identifications :

The number of agrees / disagrees on the box on the right should only consider active identifications. Right now it appears to also be counting withdrawn ones. For example on the 3rd one down, there are only 3 ID’s, therefore it is not possible to have 5 people agreeing with my ID. It is saying as such as withdrawn ID’s are being counted.

Yes, it’d be nice to get that one fixed!

The agree/disagree numbers also seem to have another problem, I think. Let’s say someone IDs an obs to species level, and a second ID (also at species level) agrees. I then ID to subspecies level within the same species. When I look at that obs on my IDs page, I see that 0 people agree with my ID and 2 disagree. Presumably this is because the system recognizes the entity I have chosen as different from the entity the other IDers have chosen and counts that as disagreement. In reality, it’s obviously not. I’m actually agreeing with their species ID and simply refining it. Nowhere on that obs page does it say I’m disagreeing. And the other IDers are not actually disagreeing with my ID either.

If a further IDer agrees with my subspecies ID, and the obs becomes RG at subspecies level, I still see 2 disagrees from the species-level IDers (along now with 1 agree).

Probably not an important issue, but it did take me a while to figure out why, on a recent page of 30 IDs, I had more than 40 “disagrees”, when there was probably only one actual disagreement.