Incorrect taxon displayed on observation page

Mac OS, Chrome browser


Unless I’m missing something, the displayed taxon name below should be “Trillium ovatum,” not “Trillium ovatum var. ovatum.”

Subspecies IDs don’t move the ID forward (intentionally), but there’s a open feature request to address this

Is it even a subspecies? It says variety.

Sorry, infraspecific taxa*

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Wasn’t the question about another thing? There’s one Id of a variety and one of the species but community taxon is of a variety while it shouldn’t be.

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Thanks, I misread this. Not sure what’s going on here.

But I see community taxon is the species:

I mean this, it shouldn’t be so.

Unless the observer opts out of Community ID, or there is disagreement among the IDs, I believe the name at the top always represents the current “Leading ID” or “observation ID,” while the current community taxon is displayed below at right. It was mentioned in another topic that the Research Grade label applies to, and should really appear next to, the Community Taxon instead of the leading observation ID, so that can be a little misleading.


I’m not sure who you answer to, but it should work like that:

Not subspecies or variation, but species RG.

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Here’s another example that displays the wrong taxon at Research Grade.


For comparison, here’s an example that works the way I expect.


Shortly after I posted the previous example, a user add an identification to the observation. The result is what I expect.

A post was split to a new topic: Why is the Community ID still Tachinidae here?

I would guess it’s by design that the 2nd ID in this example wouldn’t “knock back” the observer’s original, more refined ID, to species.

As @jdmore says, another of many issues with the difference between Observation Taxon (what’s at the top of the page) and the Community Taxon (on the righthand side). The Research Grade label should apply only to the Community Taxon, but the current system and all exports actually apply the label to the Observation Taxon. There’s an associated feature request here:

Found a similar one, yes, it’s about Observation Taxon.