Increase Font Size/Highlight Function to Join Traditional Projects

Not exactly sure where to put this question so here it is.

I spent an embarrassing amount of time looking all over a Project page for the join button only to find it after I sent a PM to the project creator for assistance. I’m ashamed to admit that this is the third time this has happened me. Mainly due to me rarely joining projects. I just seem to forget where the button is. If there is a way to better draw the eyes to the join function of a project page, it would be much appreciated. It could help slightly, especially for new people, and for folks like me who don’t join projects that often.

Great suggestion. I have found myself struggling to locate that feature as well and I’ve been an active member for a year now.

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I’m not sure if some of the reasoning for the placement may be because traditional projects are less favored now or not (as opposed to the new collections projects), but you can always use “Ctrl + F” and search for “join” to find the link if this doesn’t get changed.


I have been hailed as the next great IT person on my team at work, simply because I taught everyone to hit ctrl-F and search for a phrase in a wall of text.


I didn’t think of Ctrl + F because I didn’t even know what words I was supposed to be searching for.


Exactly. This is an accessibility issue.