Invasive species - Purcell's Hunter Slug that looks like a pupa

My 8yo daughter recently spotted what she thought was a pupa on a leaf near a lake. Her Seek app said it was a slug but since she couldn’t see any antennae or mouth, she called me for confirmation. It turned out be a Purcell’s Hunter Slug (, an #endangered species from Africa. Thanks to @anubhav-agarwal and @csbandi for the ID.

However, it also appears to be an #invasive species in India. Is there a special way in iNaturalist to report observations of invasive species?

There’s no special protocol on iNat about posting invasive species, just keep doing that and your data in the future can be used to track those down or study them, etc.

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If it is - invasive in India - you can flag the taxon for curation.

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