Invite people to traditional project is not working

Platform (Android, iOS, Website): Website, tested on Safari and Chrome

Description of problem
I am unable to add new people to a traditional project, specifically this project:

Step 1: Click Invite people in project home page

Step 2: Enter known username or email address into search bar

Step 3: Search bar remains blank, error message


Sorry about that, we’re working on a fix.

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Yep, same problem. I contacted inat support.

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much appreciated @tiwane!

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I am having the exact same issue since yesterday, no user pops out on the dropdown menu on proyects. It does work on newly created umbrella projects, though.

This is also the case with the guides, I cannot add new editors. I know guides are no longer developed, but that is a invaluable tool for our country to finally have a guide for mushroom identification available for everyone.

These should both be working now, although if the account you’re inviting has something entered in the Name field, you’ll see that name in the dropwdown rather than the username, eg:

I’d prefer the username to always appear, I’ll see if we can get that changed next week.