iOS App - Observations are being displayed twice

My phone just added a lot of observations which appear to be duplicates of observations that i have. I want to believe that they are some of the partially uploaded observations. Depending on subject of the observations the have an icon instead of a picture. For plants is it a green leaf.

What do i do about this if anything?


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Can you say which ones? I don’t see them in browser, probably a bug of displaying.
Btw, you had many unknown observations, please, try to never leave observation without initial id, it helps a lot to get a right id for if, and don’t forget to mark cultivated plants.)


Welcome to the forum!. That does sound pretty odd. If it was not happening before this week, I wonder if that might happen to do with the recent iOS update? Perhaps submit a bug report for this?


Same thing is happening here, the duplicate observations don’t exist on the website but if i try to delete them it removes both the observations, even the original non-duplicate one.
I think it happens when you edit the observation’s location too frequently.
It’s been happening for a few weeks now but has gotten less frequent.

That same thing happened to me a few weeks ago – the duplicates had the icon not my photo and were only on my phone not my computer. It went away about a week ago, I think after an iphone update.

To be clear, the observations not being duplicated - they are being displayed twice. That’s why they “both” are deleted if you delete one.

I’m going to move this to Bug Reports. Please provide screenshots of what you’re seeing, and let us know which version of the app you’re using.

Logging out and logging back in should clear this, at least temporarily.


They are gone now. but it was the entire set of observations. Sorry about the delay in answering, I did not know where to look.

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With respect to the unknown observations, I only leave them unknown if I can not come up with something that fit or close fit from the “what did you see” list. Sometimes the flowers look right but the leaves are wrong or it does not grow in this area.
Help me learn how to label what I do nit know.
And yes I will slip up and not put that it is cultivated.

I’m pretty sure this issue was only with versions below 3.0, so I’m going to close the bug report. If you have version 3 or above and are seeing observations displayed more than once, please start a new bug report.