iOS app photo picker fails

iPhone 13, 17.5.1
Happens often this week (3x in 10 minutes) . I got 2 screenshots below


Step 1:

This still happens occasionally . Any thoughts?

Have you updated to the latest version (3.3.4)? What Photos permissions are you granting to iNaturalist?

No, the screenshot posted above shows
“ Naturalist version 3.3.2, build 716, iOS 17.5.1 -
SDImageCache: 235,348,668 for 126 files - Un-Uploaded P…”

I will try the update.

These permissions

Is this still not working?

Thank you for following up. No, the new update seems to have cleared this - at least, it has not yet re-occurred this week. It was only happening kind of sporadically anyway.

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