Problem with uploading pics to Naturalist

Hi there,
I hope you can help me uploading pictures to iNaturalist.
I am using an iMac 24", M1, 2021 with macOS Venture 13.4
and as a browser Safari 16.5

Until yesterday evening I had no problems with downloading, but since today in the morning I have problems: the first 4 pictures are showing up but with the note “Invalid Date” and the next pictures are not loaded down at all (“Upload failed”) see attachment
Any idea what I can do?
Thanks for your help

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It looks like your attachment never got uploaded to the forum. Can you please try again?

  • Can you send some of these photos to so we can test them out?

  • Does upload work on any other browsers?

Thanks for replying.
It looks like that I can download some pictures but not others.
I sent some of the pictures which I can’t upload to and I attached as well the attachment again.
Thanks for your help

“Download” usually means getting data (eg a photo) from a server to your device. “Upload” means you are taking data (eg a photo) that’s on your device and send it to a server (like iNaturalist’s servers). So when you say “download” here do you really mean “upload”?

sorry I mixed that one up

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No worries! I just wanted to make sure we were on the same page, so to speak.

I received the photos you sent, but couldnt replicate the issue. I replied, asking for photos to be sent via a third party like DropBox or Google Drive, but haven’t heard back.