iPhone App - Audio Plays via Speakers Only, Not BT Headphones

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3.2 Build 636, iOS 14.2.4
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Step 1: Go to the above observation in the iOS app

Step 2: Tab the large Speaker icon

Step 3: Audio player plays via iPhone speakers even if
BT headset (Beats Flex) is charged, connected and
in my ears.

Step 4: Tap the AirPlay icon on the player.

Step 5: List shows iPhone, Speakers and Beats Flex,
but only Speakers selection produces any sound -
via the speakers.

Note: I have sent an email to iNaturalist Support about it
I am posting it here

so other users who get this
bug know that this is something that has been reported.

When this bug is fixed, please reply here to let other
users know, who may not have emailed Support.

Thanks in advance.

P.S. Sorry for the formatting and duplicate screenshot - something is wrong with the forum editor in Edge browser (Chromium-based). I cannot even fix the image-related problems as editing the post shows only the text, not the images.

I can replicate, I made an issue here: https://github.com/inaturalist/INaturalistIOS/issues/594

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@tiwane Thank you for the quick reply and follow-up to this bug report!