Uploading sounds from a iPhone

I do I upload sounds from a iPhone
I’ve had zero luck doing this
What am I missing here

Not sure you can – the apps don’t take sound files to my knowledge, only the computer does. So you just need a way to access the sound files from your computer. That could be using Dropbox, emailing them to yourself, or uploading to SoundCloud.

You can also use the browser upload page to add sound files from mobile. Adding species/map info from mobile in the browser is pretty difficult though, so I do that from the computer.

Airdrop the file to your computer (if it is a Mac) then click and drag the file to add it on iNaturalist in-browser. If you don’t have a Mac, e-mail the file to yourself

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Thank you
Time to pull out the ole laptop
I was hoping there was a way
“Because I’m lazy” to do it on my iPhone
Or my iPad pro…

:+1: thank you

You can upload a recording through your iPad Pro without the laptop. I made a recording in Voice Memos (and edited it there), shared it to Dropbox, and then uploaded it through the browser version of inaturalist.org on the iPad. (It might be possible to pull it directly from Voice Memos, as VM appears to be on the iCloud, but I didn’t see how to reach it there.)


I recently switched from Android to iPhone, and I’m surprised at how different the apps are in both systems. I can’t upload nor record sounds from iPhone, while in Android was just as easy as uploading a picture!


is on the to do list.

See also:

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