iPhone app maximum zoom level issue

Somewhere in between a bug and a feature request here. On the iPhone app, when viewing the map, there is a zoom level beyond which I can not zoom any further. This level is too high and causes a couple of issues:

  • When creating an observation, it is impossible to manually set the location accuracy any lower than 24 m
  • When exploring observations, it can be difficult/impossible to select a particular observation when several points are too close together
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Hmmm, when I use the iPhone app, it seems I can zoom in adequately to accurately place a specimen. Also, when exploring. I wonder if there is some iOS setting for gps, location, or if it could be a bandwidth issue you are experiencing ?


Observe Zoom. I can see individual autos and people in the beach.

Explore zoom. I can see individual specimen icons easily.

Observe: When on “edit location” you zoom into the maximum level, and click save, what location accuracy does the observation have? I cannot make it any better than 24 m. (I agree that the zoom level is perfectly adequate for viewing the map).

Explore: Try clicking on the mostly hidden points shown and I think you will see my issue:

Yes, I see what you say. FWIW, I don’t think Apple Maps can zoom in much more than that. This is an screen shot from fully zoomed Apple Maps in my iPhone :

Okay, I checked a couple recent obs I made. If it is a threatened species, the exact location is obscured and it displayed in the general vicinity. If it is a more mundane species, the accuracy is spot on. At least, that’s how it seems.


Just checked with our iOS developer and there isn’t anything we can do about this - the zoom levels are dependent on Apple Maps. It’s also dependent on Map type, so you should be able to zoom in further if you switch to Standard view (but then, of course, you miss the satellite image…)

I suspect you’re not in the field when you’re doing this, but if you are at the spot where you made the observation, tapping on the “my location” icon can get you an accuracy radius in the single digit meters.

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