iPhone app using insane amount of storage space! Help!

Currently my iNat app is using 25.94 GB of data storage on my iPhone… which is an insane. Any tips on how to reduce the GB? The app should really be redeveloped to not use up more than, say, 1.5 GB of storage! Thanks for any tips! -Alex

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I just checked my iPhone, which I’ve used a lot for iNat this year.
The App Size is 20.6 MB and Documents and Data use 7.84 GB.

Usually, I take photos with the Camera and them upload them via the app. Maybe that makes a difference?


When I have a lot of observations taking up memory on the INAT APP, I simply delete the app off my phone and do a clean reinstall. This seems to do the trick.

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Logging in and logging out will clear the cache and free up a lot of that storage for you


FWIW, I just experimented with logging out, then logging in.

Now iNat uses 251.3 MB Documents and Data storage, vs 7.84 GB before (see above). :clap:t3:

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Clear the app cache or just uninstall then reinstall
I always do that once a month, maybe twice, depending on how many observation i posted


Thanks for posting this! My iPhone app had become suddenly unusable after the last 2 updates-- constant crashes-- apparently, clearing the cache was the cure!

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I had this problem.
In settings>general>iphone storage I have option to offload (?) but this didn´t do anything.
So uninstalled and reinstalled - which released 6gb of storage.
How do you clear the cache without uninstalling?

Would be useful to have option to do this from within the app without uninstalling…

Logging out then in again works for me. You could give that a try. Just make sure everything is uploaded before you log out!


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Hi folks, just wanted to mention that iOS release 3.1 has fixes for this storage space problem. It should clean up a bunch of storage space the first few times you launch the app after upgrading, and in the future it should do a much better job of keeping excessive storage use under control.

3.1 has been in “phased rollout” for the last week, but it should be available for all iOS users as of today.

Thanks for your patience!


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