iPhone location information not uploaded

On my iPhone, location is turned on and set correctly on my photos (I can see the data by swiping up in Photos), and the location is correctly uploaded to iNaturalist when I upload in the field using Seek. When I upload from a photo, however, the location information about the photo is not imported. Is there a work-around?

iPhone 8
iNaturalist 3.2.7

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If your location infor is not uploading from photos, ut is from the app and other apps you probably turned it off specifically for photos at some point.

Settings → Privacy → Location Services → Photos

Check there. Location Services can be turned on in general, and also turned off for specific apps at the same time

For privacy I have it turned off specifically for my photos and turned on for iNat and a few other apps, so my phone acts exactly as you’re describing.

Thanks for the tip - I think that the problem was that several photos were taken with Seek and not uploaded to iNat. These were saved in Photos but without location information :-(

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