Is ther an easy way to list which of my obs have been challenged/contested

Being a recent convert to iNat, I have started to steadily share my past observations, which means two things:
1 there is a lot of them (25 years of observations, well, you know…)
2 a good percentage of them are bound to be wrongly identified (lack of knowledge when I started out… and still lacking I guess)

Is there a way to quickly filter out all obs except the contested/challenged ones ?
Meaning (probably) the ones that have more than one contributor, and have yet not reached research grade.
I will probably want to reexamine these…

At the moment I spend a lot of time scrolling through pages, trying to spot those obs.

Thanks for any insight !

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Someone will answer your primary question, but I have a few questions for you, because you wrote this:

What is your workflow for uploading observations on iNaturalist?
Where do these observations come from?
Are they already labeled? If so, how?

These questions are all intended to gather information to see if your migration to iNaturalist could be even smoother.

It’s not exactly what you’re looking for, but this is the check to see if you’re a maverick on the identifications, that is if your ID is going against the consensus:

(for anyone else, just put your username right after ‘user_id=’ and before the ‘&’.

If you look through part 1 and part 2 of the following post you’ll find all sorts of tricks for how to extend the functionality of iNat via the URL. Some of these techniques can be combined too.

@pisum is something of a wizard at figuring out ways to get additional functionality out of iNat as well.


it looks like the original poster has a more or less duplicate topic that they have marked as resolved:

i’m not convinced the selected solution actually fulfills the need, but if they believe it does, then i think this thread should be closed, too.

Please don’t close the thread. Even in case the original poster has the question answered, this is a general interest question. I imagine a lot of people, myself included, might wish to query for observations where the initial ID provided by the observer was disagreed with by one or more identifiers. That is different from querying if the observer has Maverick status, but would return a wider range of results where it might be worth taking a closer look.


I confirm that the solution offered in the other post is a first step (useful too), but I still feel the need to a more effective way to list my observations’ ID that have been contested by one or more person.
So I thing this post should stay open for now, thanks.

Lots of questions here: some elements of answer below, feel free to ask for details.

My workflow:
I have my pictures organized in a database I developed, where I manage geo data and identifications. All pictures have a date and coordinates, of course.

For the geolocation, I use the gps coordinates that are in the pics to interrogate a geolocation API (nominatim at the moment)

For the ID,its mainly a manual process, using books and such, and I reference the results according to TAXREF (the reference for french flora and fauna, provided by:

Where do these observations come from:
Mostly France, but also neighboring countries.

Are they labeled:
No, I remove all labels on purpose, in order to benefit from the capabilities of iNat in visual recognition. The only labels left are date and coordinates

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you probably won’t be able to do exactly this without coding something yourself, but this may help get something sort of in that direction:

there’s more previous related discussion here:


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