How do you find your ‘disagrees’?

I go through my notifications one-by-one to try to find and correct it when someone disagrees with my ID.

Surely, there are better ways?

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Your mavericks - 3 agree, but you don’t - replace my name with yours -

Pre-mavericks - 2 agree and your disagreement holds the ID back
Filter for Pre-Maverick project

(But I do go thru all my notifications)


If you’d like, you can also go to your settings → notifications → and toggle off confirming ID’s, so ID’s that are simply agreeing with yours won’t show up in your notifications any longer.


Thank you; I may experiment with those. ideally I would like such utility that picked up even one disagree.

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that sounds like a good trick :+1:t2: :smile_cat:

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There is
But only 18 obs there.

Maybe next year, we will have (better) Notification management?


Some hints and useful info in this old thread including the usual API extraordinaire by pisum


It will still notify you of refining IDs (for example, if you put an ID at genus and someone else puts species) so that can be annoying if you wanted strictly disagreeing notifications only


But I want to see, if, and who, agrees with me. Then I will unfollow obs by obs.

You might also try the links (“some agree”, “most agree”, “most disagree”) in this message:


here’s the variant that i would probably use here:

this returns 200 observations at a time (last updated first), with columns that give some statistics about the identifications made, as well as about a particular identifier’s identification. the stats are all relative to the observation ID. although it won’t point out disagreements to your ID(s) specifically, it will point out potentially disagreeing IDs under the same ancestor (IDs that are descendant taxa vs obs), as well as mavericks (IDs that are in (an) “other” branch).

assuming you’re not getting tons of disagreements, it should be relatively easy to visually scan through the page to find disagreements. (i can scan through most batches of 200 observations in under 15 seconds, looking primarily at 3-4 columns.)

the identifications parameter effectively determines agreements / disagreements by comparing individual IDs against the community ID (not by comparing IDs against other IDs), and i bet most people would not expect that that’s how that parameter works. it’s a flawed parameter, in my opinion, and not useful except in some very limited use cases.

iNat developers explain it this way:

(this is the reason i wrote the other thing referenced above. if anyone wants a more detailed explanation of the problems with the parameter, read this: folks are also always welcome to adapt my code to make it do things more tailored to their particular workflow. unless any of the existing feature requests for different kinds of disagreement parameters ever get implemented, there aren’t many better options that i know of.)

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