Is there a way to bulk edit observations from a specific project?

I’m curious if there is a way to edit multiple observations at once from a specific project. I have some of my observations sorted in projects and im wondering if there would be a way to add some of these observations in bulk to another project. Thanks.

More specifically, is there a way to edit the URL in the edit observations tab so it displays my observations from a specific project. I’ve experimented with &project_id= but it doesn’t seem to work in this situation.

Thanks for any help.

i don’t have time to dig into the code this morning, but i suspect this particular screen doesn’t allow project id as a filter parameter. however, you could try something as described here:

EDIT: for traditional projects, it looks like you can use: &project=[numeric project id]

Depending on how the first project is structured, here’s a possible pathway: IF the originating project has a unique defined iNat “Place” associated with it, you can do a search for that Place in the Edit Observations screen. Depending on the geography or participation in the originating project, that may collect more observations than you intended, but it should include all of yours that you want to move to the second project. You can then select just the observations you want to move and “Add to Project” directed to the second project.
Does this make sense? Does it help?

Thank you for the responses.

worked for what I was trying to do.

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