Batch add observations to a project (or recover deleted observations from project)?


I accidentally deleted all of the observations from a project (UF Desert Biodiversity) and was wondering if there was some way to get those back into the project by a ‘batch add’ of observations from user(s). Or can those observations that I deleted be restored to the project? It is for a class and I removed the students from the project not knowing that it would also remove their observations from the class project. Any advice appreciated.

Cody Coyotee

Apart from the magic that admins can do for you (eg restoring from backups or doing something at the backend database), there are not many tools to allow you to bulk add observations.

But there is a batch facility that one can use on ones own observations, but it doesn’t work so well if you’ve got thousands to add. The batch adding needs to done from each student’s account when they are logged in to the website:

First rejoin the project.
Then click on your profile page
Click on observations (on the left hand side)
-it will bring up a list of your observations in the old iNat format, a page at a time (defaults to 30 at a time)
Click on the ‘batch edit’ button
Click on the ‘select all’ link (or tick the ones on the page that you want)
Click on the ‘Add to project’ button (about halfway across on the same line as the two previous options)
Scroll down the drop-down list and click on ‘Add’ next to the project you want

It will batch add that page (with a bit of a delay), you will have to do a page at a time if there are lots



Does this method of Batch Adding still work?
Where is the “Batch edit” button?

I naively assumed that if I belonged to the project “Borneo” then all the observations I made within some geographical boundaries pre-set by the project creator would automatically add my observations to that project. Now I discover that’s not the case and I need to go through 1000 records manually typing “Borneo” into the relevant project boxes. Being able to do that per page of 30 rather than per individual observation would be much quicker.

Same issue, I would like to be able to filter my observations by a taxonomic group and then add that batch of observations to a project.

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