Is there a way to copy the criteria of an existing Project?

I want to use the Taxa criteria of an existing Project - Pollen Specialist Bees of NYC - to create a new project with a different Place boundary. The list of taxa is extensive, nearly 200 species. I don’t want to duplicate the effort of typing it all in.

I can Duplicate Project when editing one of my own Projects. But I do not own the existing Project.

I’ve looked at both the source project, and creating a new one. I can find no option to copy the existing project to a new one, nor to model a new project based on an existing one.

Am I missing something? Or does this capability not exist for anyone other than the Project Owner?

Thanks in advance.

Yours in Nature,

I don’t know of a way to do this, but you could ask the project owner to make a duplicate, then add you as an admin, and delete themselves (or not if you feel like sharing). Not too much effort for them, and they might be willing to help.


unless new functionality is added to the system, i think you’d have to do this via the API.

you can get a list of taxa from the existing project from:

then to add those taxa to your own project, you can do some variant of the third type of API request described in this post:


I had thought of this. I wanted to see if I was just missing something, first.

I think they would be amenable!

Thanx - Xris