Is there a way to easily see the lowest common taxonomic rank between species?

Often when I’m identifying I will come across a plant that I know is either x or y, and open tabs for each comparing their taxonomy to find the lowest taxonomic rank. This works OK but is somewhat cumbersome, especially for species that end up not being all that closely-related. Is there a way, similar to the way identifications are treated when there are conflicting IDs, to quickly see the lowest taxonomic rank between two (or more) species?

Pipe dream, but this would be something very cool to be able to do on the observation page’s ID suggestion…


Don’t think so, you need to open both on their taxonomy page and compare the list.


Otherwise - if one ID is already added. Temporarily add the maybe ID then use - What’s this - at Community ID - to see where the 2 agree.

Either way is a little clunky, but it helps me learn my way thru layers of taxonomy.


When identifying sometimes I use the Compare tool to look up the taxonomies (and visually assess the relation).

On Discord there is a bot called Dronefly with this feature.


That Dronefly feature is awesome! Will definitely be using that in the future. Thanks!


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