Is there a way to filter search results to only show new species for a certain year?

Is there a way to filter search results or any other method to only show new species for a certain year?
For example, if I want to see new species I reported for 2021, how could I do that with out exporting and doing some spreadsheet magic/karate? New species being defined as not reported by me before 2021.



Thanks, @marina_gorbunova . I am unable to pull up that link on the network that I am currently using, but I will try it on another one later and see if I can get to it. It seems that iNat itself doesn’t have this function, but people have built tools to do this.

I think the Year In Review page would do what you’re looking for.
Just scroll down until you get to Newly Added Species.

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Oh, I only now realised that you can click on the month to see species, I didn’t mention year in review because I thought it only shows numbers, that’s cool!

It turns out that clicking on a month in the Newly Added Species section of the Year In Review only shows a subset of the species. The text says it will show “some” of the added species. I tried it and it showed “80 of 172” for the (fairly busy) month I clicked on.

Well, it’s a pity, so using the link I posted would be on of the easier ways to find all species then.

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Thanks for sharing your ideas and knowledge. Surely, between all of these tools, I can find what I’m looking for. I specifically need to find/list new species of moths for a certain county for 2021 for a report for the Lep Soc.

But first link in the other topic can do that, all you need is a project.

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