Is there a way to filter searches by the number of photos or sound files attached?

For example, if I am looking at unknowns (or any taxon), it would be handy to be able to filter for observations with:

  • 1 photo attached - I know I won’t have to ask the observer to separate anything.
  • 0 photos/audio files attached - I can leave a comment letting them know it is missing
  • 2 or more photos attached - if I already have my “please separate” boilerplate on the clipboard

If it’s not on the filter, but can be a added to the URL, that would work too.
[addendum, I see it’s possible for 0, but it looks like it isn’t possible for 1 vs multiple]


I checked the search wiki, but I didn’t see anything will work for 0 attached media files.

I don’t think there is currently any way in the GUI or in URL modifications to find observations with exactly 1 vs 2+ photos.


To search for observations with 0 photos, just put &photos=false at the end of the url.
See for example:

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Oh you came first. :sweat_smile:

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Well, that helps, but I really wish there were a 1 vs multi I could use also

Since there isn’t a filter for 1 photo vs many, is there a way to change this topic to a feature request? I tried to edit it but I think maybe only the moderators can do it.

Feel free to submit a feature request.


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