How do I find only observations where a specimen is taken, or have NO photo

I am having trouble finding the filters for 2 searches I need:

  1. I would like to get a view of observations backed by specimens. I do not see that field in the filter. How do I see only collections that have a specimen?

  2. I want to see MY collections that have NO PHOTO so I can update them. The only way of getting this list is via the IDENTIFY view, with the CASUAL box checked, filtered to myself. Is there a way to do that via a typical explore search?

here is the link for you:

just append &photos=false to the end of the URL


Unless you added observation field or tags to observations, there’s no way to find observations with specimens, for system there’s no difference.

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thank god we could get this resolved.

This would then also include all audio observations then?

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