Is there a way to find out the people I've muted?

I am starting to mute some people to cut down on the notifications I receive, while generally retaining the ability to get notifications of IDs agreeing with my observations. (These are some people who routinely add agreeing IDs to observations no matter how many there already are on them.) Is there a way to find out who I’ve muted at some later date in order to unmute them? This related closed topic doesn’t address that question:, and I didn’t see a way to bring up a list of muted users.

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Sorry. Never mind. There must be a lag time before the names appear, because I checked again and now there is a list.


You do realize that muting people will make you not get notifications for their comments as well, right? Personally I would consider that a loss.


Yes, I realize that. The users I’m referring to haven’t been leaving any comments. Thank you for adding that to this topic to remind others of the tradeoff. This way I get more notifications by muting individuals than I did by opting out of notifications of all IDs that agree with mine (because you don’t get notifications of comments attached to agreeing IDs from anyone that way).


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