Is there a way to disabled notifications from a specific person?

Every day I’m logging into iNaturalist to find all my ID’s of a specific species (that had already gained research grade status) have been identified by the same person. This can be as much as 80 notifications a day from a single person. This person doesn’t really ID anything new, they’re just confirming ID’s on thousands of already research grade observations. The guy has like 144000+ ID’s and as far as I can tell a vast majority of them are just spam identifying other peoples confirmed ID’s on research grade observations. I reckon they’re never going to stop with numbers as high as that, so I’m looking for a solution so I don’t have to wake up to over 50 notifications from one user every day.

Honestly it’s a bit annoying waking up to this spam every day and stops me from seeing more important notifications. Is there a way for me to specifically stop being notified by just this person in particular? I don’t want to disable all notifications in general as sometimes other people @ me or correct my ID’s, but I’m fairly certain this user in particular will have nothing useful to contact me about.

Any ideas how to do this? Will blocking them work? Or is there a better way? I’d much prefer an option that allows me to see their ID’s, but not have notifications every time they specially identify something I’ve identified.


Find their profile in people and on their profile page, at the top left, click on mute. More info about this in community guidelines if you search for “Muting”.


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