Is there a way to "reapply rules" to life list/verify number of species?

Before the list system was changed, there was a button to “reapply rules” to a list so that, for example, observations that were previously incorrectly IDed as a “new” species and have since been corrected are not erroneously included in your species count. I haven’t found a way to do this since the list system was changed.

I just reached 1600 species according to my life list, but according to my “year on inat” 2021 page (which I regenerate every so often to see how many and which new species I got in a given month) I have lifetime total of1283. This is a pretty big disparity, so I want to find a way to verify my species count. Anyone know of a way?

I think the Year in Review page is totaling the taxa in your observations at rank=species and verifiable=true (link to obs), whereas your life list is totaling “leaves” and verifiable=any (link to obs).

For example, if you observed a Red Fox (Vulpes vulpes ), and some kind of oak (genus Quercus ), that would be two “leaves.” That’s why you might see genera listed alongside species. (Forgive us when we sometimes use the word “species” to avoid jargon when we really mean leaves.)

So your Year in Review stat will be excluding observations of taxa at rank genus or coarser, as well as those missing dates or locations, and captive/cultivated observations.

The new life lists and stats are all updated automatically, so there isn’t a need for a link/button to reapply rules like the old lists.

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