Is there a way to search for a taxon using its taxon ID within a taxon split?

To prepare for the split of the genus Eleodes, I’ve created all the inactive taxa that need to be made, this has caused one small issue, subgenus Metablapylis will become genus Metablapylis, and since several name changes are going to happen to the species within the genus, I decided to make all of the species by hand, this has caused it to be seemingly impossible to search for the inactive genus Metablapylis in a taxon split, since all of the inactive species come first when searching Metablapylis, the genus is not shown, and I can’t find I way to used the taxon ID to search in that field, only in the one for the taxon that’s being split. I don’t plan on splitting Eleodes yet, so it’s no hurry, but I’d like to find some sort of solution.

You’re looking for this?

I found it by searching here:✓

It doesn’t look like it has any associated taxon changes, so you wouldn’t find it by searching for it there.

On the taxon change page, you can add the taxon ID for the output taxon, here : 1523435, or you can « Browse All Species » just below the search bar for the output taxon.

I can’t figure out how to search for it in this way:


Ah I see. I don’t remember if there’s an official way around this, but you can add a unique common name to the genus so it shows up in the search. Then you can delete the common name when you’ve finished the draft.


Oy vey, more splits :upside_down_face:

Don’t worry! I don’t think it should cause too many issues, although I guess it does arguably make the taxonomy more complicated.

Here’s the paper, it starts on page 128:

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