Search for inactive taxa in header search (at least for curators)


In the old taxon search area, we can find inactive taxa:✓

In the newer header search area, there’s no way to search for inactive taxa:[]=taxa



you can still do that here with the ’ Show active and inactive taxa’ toggle. Inactive taxa are pretty niche and confuse a lot of new users so I’m not sure I’m in favor of putting them in the main taxon search nav - but curious what others think

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Yeah it’s definitely an obscure thing but seems like a no brainer to at least display this for curators on the new search. Shouldn’t the old style taxon search be deprecated at some point?



I think it is very useful, and sometimes essential, to see inactive taxa. We dont need it visible or an on-screen option. So long as the old taxon search area remains, that is OK. However, if the the taxon page is going to be deprecated, then we need a replacement.

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I just ran into this. Typing any taxon in the search bar brings up suggestions for what the current equivalent taxon is. Searching for eudicots shows angiospermae. Searching for a taxon that’s been dropped, doesn’t do this, however. E.g. does not lead to @loarie’s response above helps, but I would not have known how to find without this forum.

So perhaps it’s a good idea to have the standard search field on the main page return anything that the inaturalist taxonomy ever knew about. Even if it’s niche.

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Maybe you should vote for it. :)



B-but… my precious votes!



To me the ideal solution would be to have a single portal for taxon searches, and have an active/inactive filter that is only available to curators as part of that. I do occasionally have a need to research inactive taxa for past taxon changes, dealing with new ungrafted taxa, etc.