Is there a way to see a list of "Life-List Firsts" for all of 2024?

Hey! iNaturalist lets you see specific dates with the calendar tab and compiles a list of “life list firsts” in the top right

but is there a way to see the entirety of 2024 so far instead of specific dates?

I don’t know how to generate one list for the whole year, but i do know you can at least get one for a month: generate your year stats (just replace my username with your own, be sure to hit the “generate” button) and it will make a bar graph of “newly added species” click on the bar for a list of the observations that qualified for lifer species (not higher taxa). I know some people will just pay attention to which observations are lifers and will tag them so they can search for them all at once


Oh cool, thank you! A little sad that it doesn’t show information for new families/genus that I’ve seen, but this is still pretty close to what I was looking for!

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glad to help! some people i know who decide to track lifers will use year in review and/or calendar to work backwards and retroactively tag their lifers. because sometimes things get IDed long after they are posted sometimes you won’t know until much later if something is a lifer!