Life lists for other than overall or single day

It is easy to find my overall life list in the primary drop down menu. It is also, thanks to others giving me advice here on this forum, to find one’s daily life list within the calendar section of that drop down menu by selecting any particular day that has observations.
What I would like to know if there is a way to generate a life list for a particular week, month, or year…or even some arbitrary time period.
I love iNaturalist, by the way!


Yes! Go to “your observations”. On the top right side is a button “filters”. If you click on it a window opens with a lot of options. On the right side of this window you can choose a range - so any time period you want. Just put in start date and end date. :-)
BTW, I am talking about the website, I have no idea if/ how this works on a mobile.

Are you trying to generate a list of all the unique species you saw in that time period? Or a list of the species you saw for the first time during that time period?

seeking a list for items seen for the first time.

Right, I am familiar with being able to filter my observations by date but what I was hoping to see within the filter options was “seen for the first time” within a particular date rage.


Sorry, then I didn’t understand it correctly. :-(

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You can sort of use the Year in Review page to look at new species for you by month, but there are some caveats in that the Year in Review page isn’t officially supported outside the end and beginning of each year (although it usually works fine) and the list is based on when the observation was uploaded, not on the observation date.

You can check out my YIR here if you want to play around, or generate your own at

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