Is there a way to see what taxa and taxon swaps have had a particular reference cited?

I am interested in seeing which (if any) taxa have been added or taxon swaps have been committed citing a particular reference (in this case, Preliminary classification of Leotiomycetes,, Added on Jan. 26, 2020 09:27:48 -0500).

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You can search here:

If you add that source, it doesn’t look like there’s any results.✓&filters[split]=0&filters[merge]=0&filters[swap]=0&filters[stage]=0&filters[drop]=0&filters[change_group]=&filters[taxon_scheme_id]=&filters[committed]=&filters[iconic_taxon_id]=&filters[taxon_name]=&filters[taxon_id]=&filters[ancestor_taxon_name]=&filters[ancestor_taxon_id]=&filters[source_id]=19275&filters[user_id]=


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Thanks! That is exactly what I was looking for for the Taxon Swaps.