Removing Personal Observations from Traditional Project?


On one of my traditional projects I noticed that all of the observations for one person have been pulled out of the project. As far as I know only I as the admin/manager or the person who made the observation can do this.

This affects a total of 280 observations. This would take some effort to remove all of them from the project and I was wondering if there was another mechanism that could cause this to happen?

I have written to the individual but haven’t received a response yet asking if they wished to no longer be a part of the project.

Thanks for any insights you can provide.

I assume they’re still a member of the project?

Using batch edit, the observer could do it pretty easily.

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Alternatively, one can leave a traditional project and remove all his/her observations shared so far with the project at once when leaving the project (there’s an option for that).

Thanks for the replies. This is a traditional project so I add the observations manually. There are only 29 members with 260 observers with observations in the project. The observations are added by me or uploaded directly through the project page by the observer. You don’t need to be a member to have your observations included:

It sounds like the person removed all 280 observations individually or with bulk edit so I take it that they are no longer interested in being a part of the project. I was hoping this happened by some other means.

Thanks again for the information!

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