Is there an aggregation of specifically categorized land areas (i.e. National Parks or Forests)

I wanted to create a personal collection project, in which I can track observations I make in NPS administered areas and another for DoA/USFS observations and I was wondering if there was an easier way than manually adding each individual place separately.

I know there is a project for USFWS administered areas/National Wildlife Refuges which is great, but I’m hoping that I won’t have to add 500~ places manually for the other two collections I’d like to make. The Servicewide 2016 NPS Bioblitz is exactly the type of collection I’m looking for, but it’s only for 2016 and I just started going to national parks/forests in 2018 (and I’d like to have any observation I make within the parameters count). If there is a way to use their locations without manually entering them I’d love to hear it.

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i think it would be a nice feature to be able to define groupings of places (maybe even including difference and even intersection options, in addition to union) outside of projects. that way you could reuse the place groupings. unfortunately, that functionality doesn’t currently exist, and i don’t think there’s a way to duplicate a traditional project, nor a way to duplicate a collection project that you’re not managing either.

if you don’t actually need the project structure, you could just filter for multiple places in the Explore page. here’s an example URL that will return your observations from both Yellowstone and Yosemite:,10211 .

(you could get a list of place ids from the file referenced here: .)


Thank you!

I didn’t know that you could filter for multiple places so that will have to do until a feature that allows me to use other project data or something similar to the place grouping you suggested is implemented.

I’m still not sure how to filter for multiple places at once, though, and I can’t find a tutorial on it. Would you mind explaining how I would do that? Also the zip on your second link isn’t working for me right now so I’ll try that again later.

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Thanks so much, those threads are very helpful.

E: Played around with some stuff and got a URL for all of my US National Park observations:,68542,49610,72841,69094,72645,53957,10211,52923,9012&subview=map&user_id=tesgeorge
Might add other NPS sites and do a forest one soon too. Thanks again, this was pretty fun!


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