Is there an alternative way to make Flickr tags?

When I choose Batch edit there is an option Flickr Tagger.
This works well as long as there aren’t too many tags.

When there are too many I get an error message and no tags are added.

“Maximum number of tags reached
The maximum number of tags for the photo has been reached - no more tags can be added. If the current count is less than the maximum, but adding all of the tags for this request would go over the limit, the whole request is ignored. I.E. when you get this message, none of the requested tags have been added.” (from the Flickr Api Explorer page)

I was wondering if there is a way to see the tags before they are added so that I can limit them somehow or just copy what I need and add it manually.


If you just want to generate taxonomic tags for your Flickr photos, note that there’s also

My workflow is to tag my photos with taxon tags offline, on my computer, then upload them to iNaturalist (or Flickr). I used to upload to Flickr and connect those to iNat, but I find it faster to upload species photos directly to iNat with the iNat website’s Uploader. My other photos of habitats and scenery and events still go to Flickr.

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