Is there an easy way to open all notifications?

I think it looks great for my purposes. I try to get through my notifications daily, so the three-month cut-off wouldn’t matter to me. My ID on the observation would be very helpful, too, I think.

ok. what about this? what do you think about the order of the columns? would you prefer to see the “Your Obs” column or a column that shows the observer login (ex. pisum)?

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That looks great! Maybe start a new topic specifically for this? I’m sure there are many people who have already marked this thread as read that would be very interested in your idea.

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I don’t have any preference as to the order of the columns.

Point taken by me, but since I was asked a direct question, I answered it.

That wasn’t directed at you…?

I know. But I didn’t want you to think that by responding to the question I was ignoring what you had just said.

ok. i went ahead and did the necessary coding, and this page is available to the masses now.


i’m still not sure how useful it is (for my own purposes), but i think it should at least work on modern browsers. so have fun with it.


Thank you. I looked at mine on github, and it seems to be working in my browser (Safari). I don’t know anything about github–is there a place on github to discuss it if questions arise?

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you could log an issue over that the /jumear/stirfry repository, i suppose, but honestly, i’m not good about monitoring activity over there, and you would probably get faster response by posting here or messaging me in the forum or on iNaturalist.


I am very happy with this. It flawlessly and immediately removes each notification from the list after I open the observation, and going straight down the list in and out of each observation is very smooth with no loading time lags. Thank you.


Is it possible for you to make the ID Notes/Comment column wider manually? I notice if I zoom out it also does that, but I’d appreciate a permanent solution.

the browser should just automatically size that column based on its contents. i could do something like assign it a minimum width if there’s data in there. but how wide should that minimum be?

i don’t want to get into making it so the user can adjust the width of the columns in the table because that complicates things, especially if you’re expecting the page to remember the adjusted widths across pages or, worse, across sessions.

UPDATE: in the meantime, i’ve removed the notification ID column since i don’t think anyone can really do anything with that ID anyway. that will give the other columns in the table relatively more space, and might encourage the browser to render the comments column a little wider in most cases.

My thought was basically just to make the default a certain percentage of the page width.

i don’t think percentage of page width will work when the page is not very wide. i added some logic to add a minimum column width of 200px under certain conditions. hopefully is good enough in most cases.

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Something is wrong now, it shows the date of notification twice, overlaying the Identification/Comment column:

there have always been 2 date columns shown on this page. one represents the date of the notification, and the other represents the date of the id / comment. these should usually be the same or almost the same, but they might be different if notifications get delayed for some reason. there’s actually a third column that i didn’t include, which is the last update date of the id / comment. i left that one off to save space.

in earlier versions of this page, i did include a notification ID, but in an effort save space:

Oh, huh, I thought something else used to be in that column.

One weird thing:
The site requires you to click the “Authorize” button every time you open it, even after actually authorizing.

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this is on purpose. i wanted the page to always remind the user what it does, since it will access non-public information. it just requires a click if you’re already signed into iNaturalst. so it shouldn’t be much of a burden.


Okay! Thanks for the confirmation that it is intentional.

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