How can I prevent dissapearance of some notifications when I click the icon on top right multiple times?

Hi, I have been not very active in Inaturalist for some time due to busy schedule, and right now there are 420 notifications I need to go through (Excluding confirming IDs, which would have been thousands!).
I would like to check them all but I am scared to click it, because previously many notifications dissapeared when I clicked it second time after checking though first portions of it. Although I know I can access to them from the dashboard, I have been following quite a lot of people and it is extremely time consuming to find important notifications from thousands of their observations. I would like to know if there are any settings or other solutions to this.

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You could view your notifications in the app rather than on the website–they don’t disappear in the app. However it will only display a max of 200 notifications, so I’m not sure what you can do for the rest. I believe other people on the forum have discussed this, if you want to do a topic search.

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Sometimes I use the Android app to go through the bulk of my notifications to avoid that issue. But >400 is a lot! You might like to try this tool created by @pisum:


I rarely use app but will have a try. Thank you.

Wow, this makes Inat life much easier. Thank you!

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