Is there an online database that compiles the European laws/conventions by which a species is protected?

I was wondering if anyone knows about a good database/platform in which I can check if a given species is protected by X, Y and Z laws/decrees/conventions?
In other words, somewhere where I can browse by species and check which legal instruments are affecting it.

I was mainly interested in European species, but all answers are welcome!


I’d also love to know the answer! Navigating the different texts with their annexes referring to each other can get a little confusing (especially when looking at both national and european/international level).

I was looking for the opposite (a comprehensive list of invasive species with exact reference to the legal instrument) and couldn’t find one.

Worst-case scenario, if there isn’t one, I’d be very interested in actually making one, especially if there’s interest from others.

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There’s an API here (it might not give you everything you want, but it’s a partial solution?):

It will return:

  • CITES listings
    CITES Appendix listings and reservations, both current and historic.
  • CITES quotas
    Both current and historic.
  • CITES suspensions
    Both current and historic.
  • EU annexes
    Both current and historic.
  • EU suspensions
    Both current and historic.
  • EU opinions
    Both current and historic

It doesn’t seem to me like there’s a database that lists all the national-level legal protections though. One could probably make it though by aggregating all the isolated per-country lists that are out there e.g. here’s the one for Scotland

There is a table on the JNCC website that shows all the protection given to British or maybe UK species.

Hello joaolemoslima,

Here is a link for animal welfare legislation at European level that could be a first step in the right direction for you. Hope it helps.

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