Nature Challenge

Unfortunately, I missed the sign-up for the City Nature Challenge this year, and I was wondering if anyone employed by the state or county has previously organized a bioblitz. If so, would it be possible to talk about your experience?

you’ll have to clarify which state/county you’re based in, as the CNC is a global initiative


I’m in Florida…
Even though I did miss signing up for participation in the city challenge, my idea was still to create a nature challenge for the county’s parks.

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Im sure its not too late. Deadlines exist to be broken !


I’m an organizer for the City Nature Challenge. I can search the participant list to see if there is already an event active in your area and can pass along your contact info.

Which city/county are you interested in?

You can also participate by encouraging contributions to the CNC Global Project. (2022 Global Project).

As for organizing a BioBlitz, it’s part social media event, part webinars to show folks how to use iNaturalist, and part in person events to have naturalist staff on hand to show people how to use iNaturalist and then lead walks or have stations so the public can learn more about nature.

I organized my first CNC event last year and I focused mainly on the social media. This year, I am going to add an in person event (I think). It’s just me organizing it so I’m trying to scale up slowly.


The City Nature Challenge is free and open to everyone. I don’t know if your area has specific events that require a sign up, but any iNaturalist observation submitted over the CNC weekend counts towards the overall event.