Summer/Autumn bioblitz

I have no experience in common graphic of bioblitzes every year, but is there any possibility to organize one world-wide that would follow the CNC tradition but with more people that could partiipate and with more cities/towns that can do that? As known, many northern and some southern towns can’t compete with ecuatorial cities not only by biodivercity but because of the time of CNC that is too early/late to actually find most of things that inhabit those areas. With this year most of people can’t participate in CNC and their potential energy could be used for something like that later this year.


I’d be happy to help organize something like this, although I don’t have much (any) experience with this sort of thing…
My city isn’t participating in the CNC this year :disappointed:, so it’d be fun to have something similar later on.

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For the Southern hemisphere, April is autumn and the Cape’s fynbos is mostly Another Green Shrub, must wait for flowers later in the year to get an ID.

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