Issues creating a new place in Florida

Hi, I keep reading new things on this site all the time, so today I didn’t know you could create places. I decided to create a place “Plantation, FL”

Then I made sure that all of my observations are “Plantation, FL” and I also changed the location to “open”, figuring that would be what was needed to fill the places page.

But the page for Plantation is still empty, so what is my next step to get it to populate with observations and people? Thanks
If my places page is incorrect, just delete it, not trying to do anything to cause grief to anyone.

I am also new at this but it looks like your place is just a single point? I would think you need to define an area by making a polygon? I used Google Earth to make mine (export to kml).

Two things:

  • population of the lists is not instant, it takes a little time for the processing.
  • that being said, yours is not going to populate, you have created what is called a single point place, which is to say you have defined its borders as a single GPS point, you need to either find a source which has the actual borders defined as take the appropriate map file and use that, or at a minimum draw them by hand.
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Thank you both for the answers. Takes a little bit to try and draw a map. Bing or Google aren’t all that helpful - or I don’t know what I am doing too well. Nonetheless, got it done. Thanks!

To create a KML file, Use the text editor and then rename the extension to KML.
This is a sample code(I deleted a lot of the coordinates to make it small) for a KML file with the polygon. For reasons, unknown to me, it appears the longitude needs to be first to draw it properly.

reason, I still don’t show up for this place? Not sure at this point what I am still doing wrong.

As Chris said it can take some time for the observations to appear on the Places page. Also, it doesn’t look like the check lists box was checked:

You can also use the Explore page to search for observations that fall within a place. The standalone “Places” pages are one of the older sections of the site and as such they are a bit clunkier and have more bugs. Here’s the Explore link:

But, many of your observations won’t fall in the place due to this feature which protects the localities of obscured observations:

why check that box in this case? seems unnecessary for such a small place.

What seems unnecessary?

checklists seem unnecessary for such a small place

? I routinely conduct check list type inventories for “small” areas (much smaller than an entire city!). Actually the smaller the more interesting to me generally.

Checklists on smaller places are valuable, in particular if used as that a checklist, not just a different view of what has been observed.

Getting back to the question at hand, it has been 24+ hours. It is clear the species list will not be populating. @tiwane - I assume you will need to do it manually.

no, it’s because all of karen33317’s observations are obscured, and the boundaries of the obscuration box exceed the bounding box of the place, like bouteloua mentioned.

And the missing 98 RG species that fall within the place?

That does not stop other people’s records from populating the list. Simply by going to the observations tab you can see other people have added records which should be populating the tab.

are you talking about the species tab in the place page? i never pay attention to that page, because it seems to be flaky like the life lists. seems like that only populates based on observations added after the creation of the place. it’s better to use the Explore page, i think (and i see stuff there):

Yes, the place page. This is what Karen is asking about.

i don’t know… the way i read it, she’s asking why her observations don’t show up on the observations tab of the place page. the answer to that is that her observations are obscured.

i don’t see anywhere where she’s asking about the species tab on the place page. maybe i’m just bad at reading though.

EDIT (in response to the additional edits in the previous post): in the original post, karen33317 said nothing was showing up, and that was because she had set up her place as a single point. now that she has her place set up as a polygon, i think she sees observations in the place but is wondering why hers don’t show up.

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That’s not how it works or is supposed to work. Here is a place created 10 days ago, and it populated fully and appropriately, including everything documented before the place creation date.

That being said, clearly the population of the lists is universally broken again, because it is empty for all the most recently created places in the last few days, not just this one.

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hmmm… however that species tab populates, my experience is that that species tab is not to be trusted. in your S. Carolina EEZ example, the species tab says there should be 359 items, but then the Explore page says 400+ species (even if you limit things down to the species level): maybe i just don’t understand that species tab.

either way, i went over the thread one more time, and i still don’t see where karen33317 is asking about the species tab… but again, i might just be terrible at reading.