Java Island do not show

I am sorry, I did not found were to report this, I was seaching for places around Indonesia, Sumatra island showed right, but I turned to look for Java Island, it just do not show as an island. Not sure if this is of any importance.

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can you post a screenshot of what you see? I’m seeing it ok…

Seems to be an exisiting iNaturalist place too

It’s yet another one defined as a single point place.

Sure, here is what I get for the Java Island on places (the single point):

As a single point place “Java” is useless … how to fix that?

How do you access this area? were is it shown?

I picked it up by search in the header bar, filtering to places. I specifically went for West Java, but there is a place Java, ID. As Chris points out, it is a “point place”, meaning it doesn’t have a bounding around it. or in other words it doesn’t “cover the whole island”. The same problem exists for West, Central and East Java, all are point places.

I’m not sure where to find the kml to define it, but hopefully someone is now looking for it?

I was going to ask about this issue too, since I am currently in Java and uploading observations there

I fixed East Java, Central Java and West Java provinces so they at least are properly mapped. I have not been able to do the island as a whole yet as I can not find an online shapefile just of the island. My searches are being hit by getting all kinds of results about GIS programming with the Java programming language.

Unfortunately I can’t combine the 3 provinces as they contain geography not on Java island proper. I’ve also discovered just how much QGIS I have forgotten as I have been away from it for a while.


And to add to the fun, I’ve just discovered that the provinces appear to actually already be in the database, and properly mapped, but under their Indonesian names, which means the English named ones are duplicates…

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In the past, I’ve sent a KML to , but I don’t know if that is still the preferred method.