Journal post's lines cut down

Google Chrome.

When I opened the page with all recent journal posts ( the one that interests me looked like that

When I opened it separately it appeared that lines were halfed before.

Looking at your screen shots, it looks like all the same text is there in both windows, but the font size is larger in the second window, forcing the lines to wrap more often.

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Yes, but it shouldn’t be so, when 2 and more words are invisible it’s too much.

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ctrl/+ or ctrl/- ? try ctrl-0 to “mormalise” the screen zooming at 100%?

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It doesn’t help (I usually have 110%) and I see the same on iPod.

I’m wondering if it’s something to do with the url/link in the post, perhaps it not being able to word wrap is forcing the “everyone’s journal” page to scale down. The actual journal page itself might not be doing that and allows it to run off the end of screen.

I just tried checking again, and for a brief moment (2 minutes) the page seemed to refuse to load, but then when it did it looked fine, so perhaps they just fixed it?

Have you run into this issue with any other journal posts?

No, not since, but can look up current posts and see if it’s happening again!