Keeping track of flags

What is the best way to keep track of flags (for curation) that I’m studying up on or contemplating action. A way to follow, or like, or favorite so that I can see a list of the one’s I want to return to at a later date? Other than bookmark in my browser.

I bookmark in my browser occasionally. Also just leaving some comment so I get notified when something happens.

You can also just subscribe to comments on a flag, without making a comment:



Quick question - not sure if this is the best thread to ask, but I didn’t want to create yet another:

Will curators get notified of comments left on an already resolved flag? Or is it better in such a case to add a new flag? (flag prompting the question - should I reflag separately?)

As I understand it, only people (curators or otherwise) who previously left a comment on the flag, or who specifically subscribed to the flag, would get a notification (along with the original flagger).

If you want to bring the flag to the attention of specific curators, you could leave a new comment and @ tag them. But if you are trying to get the attention of the curator community in general, probably best to open a new flag, and cross-reference the old one in a comment.

You can also “unresolve” a flag by clicking the orange “unresolve” button–if you feel that the issue hasn’t been fully resolved. But also @tag would be a good idea.

This can only be done by curators, though.

Thanks all! I added a new flag for it so hopefully it will get noticed by the right curators to follow up on.

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