Notifications for Flags

I often flag a taxon for curation: there are many species still missing on iNat. Generally, I provide a link to the observation where the taxon is required, and also a link to some internet source for validating the taxon (e.g. powo for plants).
Lately, I discovered that I do not receive notifications anymore when a flag was resolved (“taxon added”). I remember that in the past, I received notifications (sometimes - always?), but I do not know if they were sent automatically, or by a manual action of a curator (some curators even added a comment in the observation that the taxon is now available).
I do not know if it is somehow related to the fact that I recently switched off notifications for agreeing ids (but that should be a totally different topic).

Latest example is flag
for observation
where I learned about the taxon having been made available by the fresh identification.

Did other users here experience similar things, and what do you think about it?

I placed this in Bug Reports instead of Feature Requests, because I think users generally should be getting notifications for flags they created and commented in (which OP did in the example flag posted). This should automatically subscribe them to the flag. I am not 100% sure how the system works though, so happy to hear more details on this!

There are other bug reports for flags which this might be related to:

They all seem similar issues with idiosyncratically not receiving flag notifications that people should.

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I have the same issue but I am opted in to all notifications, I get notifications when someone comments on my flag, but not when someone resolves it


I just got a notification when a flag I had commented on was resolved, the first in a long time, so maybe this is fixed?

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I pick them up by following notifications on the original obs, where I left a comment.
Sometimes the curator is kind, and contacts me.