Keyboard shortcut for "Combine" when uploading

When uploading pics on the upload page of Inat website you can select several pictures and click on “combine” to group them together. Is there a keyboard shortcut for that?

i don’t think so. you cold make a feature request for new functionality though.

I don’t know about a keyboard shortcut, but you can drag and drop photos onto each other to combine them into a single record. The photo being dragged over becomes the second photo, the one being dropped onto stays the first photo.
I get all my photos ready, upload them all at once and on the upload page where you give then locations, etc., I drag the photos that belong together onto a single record. I believe the first record’s exif becomes the record time.
You can also select a whole series of records at once and add a single location to all of them using the location box on the left side of the screen. You can get a lot of records uploaded with minimum effort using those two “tricks”.

I’m not sure if that is what you are trying to do and I realize that isn’t a keyboard shortcut, but I thought it might help?


Thanks for describing the workflow. I think a shortcut will add more efficiency so I’ll make a feature request…

see new request