Kings County (Brooklyn), NY, USA place boundaries in error

The boundaries for Kings County (Brooklyn), NY, USA do not include all land areas, and completely exclude some water areas. In this screenshot, you can see that piers, parks, and other extensions of the shoreline are outside the boundary of the official place. And the adjacent water areas are completely excluded, when there should be an extension to the middle of the East River, the water body that separates Brooklyn from Manhattan.

Believe it or not, this isn’t an error to my understanding - I recently learned that for this area, the Manhattan boundary extends to the historic low water mark in Brooklyn. This is also seen with the NYC Borough Boundaries dataset , and is also documented in a few places, such as here


Marble Hill is another such local anomaly, reflecting the historical boundary of Manhattan.

you can create a custom location to either use instead, or to include along with the current defined place to extend it.