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In my love for iNat and its community,
I focusing on translating all the fauna and flora of my country into the local language.
But, for each name i need to make under places the country name (thankfully it got simpler recently).
Is there an option within iNat system to make all Hebrew names to be combined with Israel?
Because that the only place where Hebrew is spoken.

The other main reason for this request, is that if you are using English iNat but setting you country to Israel, the names will not appear in Hebrew unless who ever made the Hebrew name made the place into Israel.
Which many do not.

Thank you. Ben

Israel is definitely not the only place where Hebrew is spoken. Did you mean to say that the main language of Israel is Hebrew? That would make more sense with regards to your request.

If you are using English iNat, it is expected that you will want to see the English common names. Therefore, if you wish to see Hebrew common names, it is expected and encouraged to set your site language to Hebrew. However, if you want to use English iNat and see Hebrew common names, that is what the default place for common names is for.

I don’t really think it’s too much of a hassle to set the default place of a name manually, but others may have other opinions on that.


There is a relevant feature request - which might help.

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