Taxon swap does not transfer common name place settings

Hello, i would like to have an answer or at least bring this to attention of the system writers.

Base info,
I use English as my language for the website, more easy for me.
But i choose Hebrew as my common name option for the flora and fauna.

Now, i spent hours translating name into Hebrew, and always put them under “place” to fit the language with its country.

But, the “bug” i talking about here is that where there is a taxon swap, the name moves with the new taxon but the place does not, which make the taxon in English.

Here how it look like in the observation page:

And here on the taxon page:

Another issue is that as a original common name editor, i cannot longer edit after the taxon swap has occur.

I believe its because the “place” which combined with the common name does not transfer as well, that is the problem.
Which makes me translating again and again the same name as i did before already.

I hope this make sense, i can explain better if needed. ( Due to language barrier)

Have a great day.

Thank you for the correction Cassi

Up post to keep it open

Bug reports don’t auto-close.

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